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Zach Sipos


Zach Sipos is a stalwart member of the Chagrin Valley Jaycees, dedicating an impressive 15 years to our organization. Currently serving as Secretary for over four years and a board member for 12 years, Zach's leadership is invaluable.


His roles within the Jaycees over the years includes being a Chairman for the Chili Brew Off, Electrical Chairman for Blossom Time, and Finance Chairman for Blossom Time. Currently, he's the Operations Chairman for Blossom Time, ensuring seamless event logistics.

Zach's support goes beyond official duties, as he's involved in various capacities like rigging and event teardowns for the holiday lighting. Residing in Novelty with his wife and two children, Zach's commitment to both family and community is outstanding.


Zach Sipos is a dedicated and experienced leader within the Chagrin Valley Jaycees.

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