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Tripp Stewart

Board Member


Tripp has been a Jaycee the better part of a decade.  He has served the organization well serving as the Kids Day Chairman on the Blossom Time Sub-committee.  During Blossom you will also find Tripp running the Blossom Time Raffle.  


Through out the year Tripp also contributes substantial time to the Chili Brew Off serving in support to marketing, advertisement, obtaining sponsorship and operations.  During the fall Tripp is busy with supporting Oktubafest.  This year Tripp will also serve the group working on the fundraising committee.


Tripp graduated from Hobart College with a BA and is current the VP at Russell Equipment.   He enjoys spending his free time with his daughter, two sons, his nephew and his wife.  Tripp is also a chicken wing aficionado. 

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