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Mike Tomaro


Mike Tomaro became a Chagrin Valley Jaycee in 2008, and since then, he's left a mark on the organization.


Mike's responsible for building the first dynamic CV Jaycees website and brought the group to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. His leadership extends to the annual Chili Brew Off, where he chaired the event as a lead and continued to support the event in areas like marketing, advertising and handing the chili entries. He was also the chairman for Oktubafest for three years.


During the Blossom Time festival Mike played various roles for over a decade serving as an electrical chairman for two years, a manpower chairman for 8 years and is currently the equipment chairman for the event.


As a member of the board for 13 years, he has taken on various roles to support events and activities but has enjoyed his five-year run Sergeant at Arms for the organization the most.  Other accolades include three-years as the organizations Risk Advisor and has always supported holiday lighting efforts in various roles.


Mike graduated from Chagrin Falls High School and holds a degree in Environmental Science from Bowling Green State University. His professional career includes a position at McGowan Allied Specialty Insurance company.


In addition to community work, Mike is an aquarium enthusiast, enjoys fitness and health, was a youth lacrosse coach for Chagrin Falls Boys Lacrosse program for the better part of a decade, and a neighborhood softball game coordinator.

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