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Matt Nelson

Matt Nelson, a devoted resident of Chagrin Falls, is a family-oriented individual with a loving wife and two wonderful children. His dedication to the community has been unwavering for the better part of three decades through his active involvement in the Chagrin Valley Jaycees.

Matt's leadership within the Jaycees has left a lasting impact. He proudly served as the organization's former president. During his tenure, he contributed significantly to the community's well-being.

One of Matt's notable roles was as the former Finance Chairman for Blossom Time where his meticulous attention to detail ensured the event's financial stability.

Beyond his official roles, Matt's support extends to various Jaycees activities, including Oktubafest, where he actively participates and contributes his time and energy.

With his deep-rooted connection to Chagrin Falls, his loving family, and his enduring commitment to the Jaycees, Matt Nelson continues to be a driving force behind the organization.


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