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About Us

The Chagrin Valley Jaycees is a 501c3 Charitable organization comprised of 250+ members that volunteer their time to enhance the local community by hosting fun filled family events and donating proceeds to local non-profits and charities.

Community development and service is at the heart of every Jaycee. We strive to be active in our community by supporting programs and projects which benefit our town, our families and our own lives.

With our main focus being on community enrichment, the Jaycees have a unique role in the Valley as we host extravagant events with thanks to our membership size and hard working character.


The Jaycees take great pride in preparing events for the community to enjoy.  The organization hosts a minimum of 7 events in a year.  Blossom Time and the Holiday Lighting display are the more extensive events.  The group also hosts an Easter Egg Hunt, a Golf Outing, Food Trucks at the Falls, the Chili Brew-Off and Oktubafest.  Please head to the Events page on the website for more details.  

Community Service


Our ultimate goal is to collect funds from the enjoyable events in order to support local non-profits and charities year after year.

The Jaycees don't focus on one single charity but spread the donations to over 25 charities centered ina and around the Chagrin Valley.  The charities have been incredible support systems to so many in the Valley which is why we are honored to work with them.



At its roots, the Jaycees (Junior Chamber of Commerce) was developed to assist young professionals across the nation transition from schooling into a real world setting by learning and networking. 


While the Chagrin Valley Jaycees in particular has evolved tremendously over the past half a century, the organization still holds the value and culture of personal growth and connectivity with local residents in order to succeed.


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