VOTE for the 2023-24 CV Jaycee Board of Directors

We will be voting on Thursday, May 25th. Below is the slate for all the nominees that have been authorized by our diligent nominating committee so we hope to see you there!

Happy Blossom Time!


Mike Tomaro (current board member)

Vice President

Ryan Caruso (current treasurer)

Jeff Poprik (current vice president)


Zach Sipos (current secretary)

Investment Committee Chairman

Matt Michalek

Board Seats

1          Jim Flaiz (currently legal counsel for the board)

2          Gabe Franklin (current board member)

3          Frank Gagliardi (current board member)

4          Kurt Hartup (current board member)

5          Jay Humphrey

6          Matt Nelson (past president)

7          Connor Packard (current board member)

8          Clayton Papenfus (current board member)

9          Tommy Snavely (current board member)

10        Dan Sprenger (chairman for multiple years for BT)

11        Tripp Stewart (current board member)

12        Jason Zuber (current board member)