New Blossom Trophy This Year!


Every year Blossom Time has a theme.  A couple years back “The Toys Came to Town”, after that was “The Skies the Limit”. Last year was “Circus” and this year is “Your favorite Superheroes”. 

Starting this year; 2015, the Jaycees will initiate the inaugural trophy titled “Blossom’s Best Themed Award”

How it works?  All residents on the parade route have the opportunity to win this annual Trophy.  Home owners are encouraged to creatively decorate, design, and/or plan their residency to best match the theme of Blossom Time during the Sunday Memorial Day Parade.  Judging will be performed by members of the parade dynamically during the parade on Sunday.  The residency with the greatest eye-catching spectacle will be dubbed victorious and given the “Blossoms Best Themed Award” Trophy for the year!


For more information please contact the Jaycees via email at

Additional Contact Information-

Dan Beavers – CVJC President

Joe Constant – CVJC Secretary and Parade Coordinator


Thank you for your continuous support of Blossom Time, Memorial Day Weekend and your Chagrin Valley Jaycees!

May 10, 2015 12:00 am

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