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  • Blossom Shirts for Friends and Fam! 05/05/2015 -

    Take a minute to remember and reflect on why we have a Blossom Time, why we have a Memorial Day.  We all love the Super Heros on the big screen but the real Super Hero's are the individuals who sacrifice serving over seas and defending this great country.  These limited awesome T-shirts above are available for purchase to any friend and family member associated with a Jaycee!   For purchasing information on these T-shirts, the contact information is b...

  • Park and Entertainment 25/02/2015 -


  • Blossom 2015 Registration Forms 25/02/2015 -

    Click the below registrations for pdf's of the applications:                                                   Run Registration Click Here

  • Blossom Time Balloons 25/02/2015 -

    Images and Details of the various Balloons

  • Bricks and Morter Projects 09/02/2015 -

    The Jaycee's are very active around the community; dedicating time, efforts and funds towards community projects to promote a healthy community and the underlying basis of what makes the Chagrin Valley the Chagrin Valley. Below are a few of the recent bricks and mortar projects that have been carried out by the Chagrin Valley Junior Chamber of Commerce. -  Re-Structuring the Stairway by the Falls.

  • Christmas Lighting 11/08/2014 -

      Christmas Lighting: Information     

  • Blossom Time 2015 11/08/2014 -


  • Blossom Time Television Advertisement 29/04/2014 -

    Your ad will be displayed on (4) big screen (60 inch HD TVs) TVs in the Big Top Tent (BTT) and (2) big screen TVs in JC Tent.  Resolution- 1920 x 1080 to display correctly. JPEG, and similar formats, work well. PDF does NOT work at all.

  • Rachel Liberati 20/01/2014 -

    Jaycee Spotlight- Rachel Liberati Year after year, our community continues to stand out as one of the best areas to live across the nation. The largest reason for this quality of life is due to the caring individuals that understand what the Chagrin Valley is all about. Supporting this connectivity is at the heart of the Jaycee’s mission.

  • Welcome to the new Jaycee Website! 20/01/2014 -

    Welcome to the new Jaycee Website! Please feel free to surf the website at your leisure. We have a Photo Gallery which will house several pictures of past and current events.

  • 9th Annual Jaycee Chili-Cook Off 20/01/2014 -

    The 9th Annual Jaycee Chili-Cook Off is right around the corner.  The event takes place this Saturday, January 25th starting at 5-pm at the Armory in Chagrin Falls directly across the street from the Cleveland Clinic. Click here to get more information regarding the event.

  • 2015 Chagrin Valley Jaycee Sponcors 01/01/2014 -

    The Jaycee's thank all of our sponsors for their support. Click on the icons below to access the sponsors websites   Chagrin Pet and Garden  87.7  Cleveland's Sound    All Ohio Motorsports   Arborwear   CMI Metals   DiBella's Subs   First Federal Lakewood   Heinens   Hurst   Hyde Park   Jekylls   Master Pizza   Medical Mutual   Merrill Lynch   MFS Supply   Motorcars Honda   NorOHIO ...