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  • Complete 2017 Blossom Time Schedule of Events 23/05/2017 -

    In case you haven't seen our program, here's an electronic version of the complete Blossom Time schedule for your reference.

  • 2017 Blossom Time Run Registration is Open! 12/04/2017 -

    The 2017 edition of the Blossom Time Run is on for Sunday May 28, 2017 at the customary start time of 9:00 a.m.In order to register for either the 5.25 mile run / walk ($25) or the 1 mile run / walk ($25,) you have a few options.1. Register online 2. Fill out race form and returnThere's a third option to register at the Chagrin Falls Intermediate School Gym (77 East Washington St.

  • Manpower Hours 16/05/2016 -

    The greatest asset of this organization is the effort and quality of its volunteer force.  There are still areas in need of support for Blossom weekend.  Please take a look at the schedule below and reach out to the Manpower Chairmen (Mike Tomaro, Jason Zuber and Chris Dean) at cvjcboard@yahoo.com for fill-ins.    Saturday, May 21, 2016   Fence Setup and Parade Bag Preparation 8:00am to 10:00am 1. Andrew Bencke 2. Jay Shubrook 3.

  • 2016 Run Details 04/02/2016 -

    Click for run application   Click for online registration

  • Chili-Brew Off 2016 Re-cap 04/02/2016 -

    Coming Up Big, Topped with a Little Extra   The once Chagrin Valley Chili-Cook Off, this year turned into the Chili-Brew Off exceeded expectations in many in a variety of different aspects.  All fundraising goals related to providing costs for the Chagrin Falls Safety Town and the Shop-With-A-Cop program were accomplished.  On top of this, the event this year saw record breaking numbers in attendants as well as proceeds.    The event this year was held at the Family Life...

  • 2016 Judges for the Chili-Brew Off 04/02/2016 -

    Kevin Foley:   Kevin has 15 years of experience in the culinary industry.  He has worked in the Columbus, Pittsburgh and Cleveland areas.  He currently works for the Hyde park restaurant group as a multi-unit chef, helping design menus and opening of the new restaurants.   Alonzo Norman:  “Lonnie” has been a chef for over 35 years. He attended a Food Service Program out of the school known as the Betty Patton Room.

  • 2016 Parade Details 04/02/2016 -

    Click Here for the 2016 Parade Application and Details

  • 2016 Booth Details 04/02/2016 -

    Riverside Park Booths  -Click Here for the River Side Park Booth Application   The Taste of Chagrin Falls -Click here for the Taste of Chagrin Letter -Click here for the Taste of Chagrin Food Vendor Application -Click here for the Taste of Chagrin Food Truck Application

  • Chili Cook Off Entrant Information 20/01/2016 -

    What you will need: 12 quarts to 20 quarts of your chili. Any and every ingredient can be utilized in your chili. Any and all additional items to compliment the chili is allowed and encouraged.

  • Journalism Credibility? 16/09/2015 -

    It is indeed a sad day when the local newspaper condemns a volunteer organization without a legitimate basis.  That may be bad enough but what adds insult to injury is when an unsigned opinion piece levies harsh criticism that strays far from the accurate reporting of fact and crosses the line into tabloid-like rumor and innuendo. The July 30 Times piece addresses the Chagrin Valley Jaycees’ decision to cancel the Kelly Miller Circus.  Threatening comments were made to a telemarketing ...

  • Blossom Time Hot Air Balloons 10/05/2015 -

    Below is a look at what Hot Air Balloons will be launching off through-out Mmorial Day weekend: “The Ugliest Duckling” Pilot:  Bill Lavigna    Bill is the originator and organizer of the Blossom Time Balloon Festival.  This year, Captain Billy will fly the ‘Ugliest Duckling’.  The design is a variation on the ‘Ugly Duckling’ theme.  Bill became interested in ballooning in 1985 and was licensed in 1986.  In 1987, he helped organize the local effort for the Great...

  • New Blossom Trophy This Year! 10/05/2015 -

    ATTENTION ALL RESIDENTS ON THE PARADE ROUTE FOR BLOSSOM Every year Blossom Time has a theme.  A couple years back “The Toys Came to Town”, after that was “The Skies the Limit”. Last year was “Circus” and this year is “Your favorite Superheroes”.  Starting this year; 2015, the Jaycees will initiate the inaugural trophy titled “Blossom's Best Themed Award” How it works?  All residents on the parade route have the opportunity to win this annual Trophy.  Home owners are encourage...