Your ad will be displayed on (4) big screen (60 inch HD TVs) TVs in the Big Top Tent (BTT) and (2) big screen TVs in JC Tent. 

Resolution- 1920 x 1080 to display correctly. JPEG, and similar formats, work well. PDF does NOT work at all.

$450 for BTV package:

– Up to (4) different pieces of artwork can be used. But only (1) per day. Tell a story with your ads!

– Shown at a minimum of 2x per hour for (4 days) of Blossom Time…Thurs May 22nd – Sun May 25th

– Your advertising art can zoom in and fade demonstrating movement…….get noticed!

– No art? No problem! Our staff can help with gratis creativity up to a certain limit. Deadline for this free service is 5/8

BT Program Ad + BTV = cost of Program Advert plus 30%. Ex. 1/4 Page ad is $365.00 Add 30% ($109.50) for BTV. Note: only ONE piece of art for this BT Program Advert & BTV combo.

Contact: for more details

Tricia Randall at

Kate Schlagbaum at 

Alasdair Cooper at 440-600-7062 or