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Blossom Time Television Advertisement

Your ad will be displayed on (4) big screen (60 inch HD TVs) TVs in the Big Top Tent (BTT) and (2) big screen TVs in JC Tent. 

Resolution- 1920 x 1080 to display correctly. JPEG, and similar formats, work well. PDF does NOT work at all.

$450 for BTV package:

- Up to (4) different pieces of artwork can be used. But only (1) per day. Tell a story with your ads!

- Shown at a minimum of 2x per hour for (4 days) of Blossom Time…Thurs May 22nd – Sun May 25th

- Your advertising art can zoom in and fade demonstrating movement…….get noticed!

- No art? No problem! Our staff can help with gratis creativity up to a certain limit. Deadline for this free service is 5/8

BT Program Ad + BTV = cost of Program Advert plus 30%. Ex. 1/4 Page ad is $365.00 Add 30% ($109.50) for BTV. Note: only ONE piece of art for this BT Program Advert & BTV combo.

Contact: for more details

Tricia Randall at randall8646@roadrunner.com

Kate Schlagbaum at schlag5@me.com 

Alasdair Cooper at 440-600-7062 or coopbulldog66@gmail.com